Deep ripping resulted in significant yield increase for each crop (Figure 2-5).

For all pulse crops sown in our Central Mallee 2021 trial, the average grain yield produced was approximately 0.5 t/ha without ripping.

Crops sown following deep ripping, average grain yields were close to 1.5 t/ha for chickpea, field pea and faba bean. Average grain yield for lentils were 1 t/ha.

The percentage yield increase for each crop is shown below:

  • Chickpea: 236%
  • Faba Bean:161%
  • Field Pea:131%
  • Lentil: 79%

For each of the four pulse crops in this trial four different varieties were grown.

The variety selection has only affected grain yield in field peas, varieties PBA Butler and OZP1901 produced higher grain yield than the variety PBA Oura.