Early sowing (mid-April) of faba beans increases grain yield potential as well as the risk of disease and lodging. By contrast, postponing sowing date (late April or May) reduces these risks while also reducing grain yield potential.Earlier flowering breeding lines and/or higher plant densities with postponed sowing may resolve this trade-off and reduce the yield gap.
The results will also help to untangle the confounded effects of growth and phenology in sowing date trials.
The trial site located in Streatham was previously sown with faba beans in 2020 than barley in 2021 and is composed of a clay loam soil type.


To investigate how sowing date and variety interact to affect faba bean growth, development, and yield.


Three sowing dates were selected: 15th of April, 28th of April and 10th of May. A crop rate of 20pl/m² was employed. Plots Each plot has been replicated four times, with 192 plots in total.

PBA BendocFiesta VFAquadule
PBA MarneIcarusNura
PBA RanaPBA NasmaAF12025
Faba bean varieties under examination