Several new faba varieties have been released or are due to be released with changes in agronomic traits such as, flowering time and reproductive duration, disease resistance, herbicide tolerance. In addition, faba beans current only have limited uptake in drier mallee regions.
Early sowing and with early flowering genotypes, combined with herbicide tolerance and agronomic practices, such as deep ripping have the potential to open new opportunities.
This paddock was previously sown with wheat in 2021 and located in Warne with sandy clay loam.


To investigate the response of new faba bean varieties and genotypes to sowing dates.


Seeding occurred on the following two time of sowing dates:
3 May 2022 and 2 June 2022

FarahPBA SamiraPBA Zahra
PBA MarneAF12025AF14075
AF14092AF15278Det Mix
PBA NasmaPBA AmberleyPBA Bendoc