A new lentil variety combining metribuzin tolerance with imidazolinone is available and could improve the control of broadleaf weeds in lentils. Combining the tolerance trait with new metribuzin usage practices could improve weed control options.
The trial will be conducted in a location with known background population of Barrel medic.
This paddock was previously sown with wheat in 2021 and located in Kalkee with Black Cracking Clay soil.


To investigate the effectiveness of metribuzin in the control of barrel medic with the new metribuzin tolerant lentil GIA Metro..
To investigate the effectiveness of clopyralid in the control of barrel medic with the new clopyralid tolerant lentil GIA Sire.


NoTreatmentIBSPSPE4NRain Event
1Untreated ControlNil
2ConventionalDiuron 900 (300g/ha) + Simazine 900 (300g/ha)Brodal @ 150ml/ha
3ImiDiuron 300 + Simazine 300Intercept @ 750ml/ha
4Met PSPE 1xMetribuzin (750 g/kg) @ 280 g/ha
5Met PSPE 2xOff-Label Treatment
6Met Post 1xOff-Label Treatment
7Met Post 2xOff-Label Treatment
8Met PSPE+Post 1xOff-Label Treatment
9Met PSPE+Post 2xOff-Label Treatment
10Met RainOff-Label Treatment
11Met Post GC LowOff-Label Treatment
12Met Post GC MidOff-Label Treatment
13Met Post GC HighOff-Label Treatment
14Met ReflexOff-Label Treatment
15Met + Imi Post 1xOff-Label Treatment
16Met + Imi Post 1xOff-Label Treatment
Metribuzin Herbicide Treatments

1Untreated ControlNil
2ConventionalDiuron 300 + Simazine 300Brodal @ 150ml/ha
3ImiDiuron 300 + Simazine 300Intercept @ 750ml/ha
4Lontrel PSPE 1xOff-Label Treatment
5Lontrel PSPE 2xOff-Label Treatment
6Lontrel Post 1xOff-Label Treatment
7Lontrel Post 2xOff-Label Treatment
8Lontrel Post 0.5xOff-Label Treatment
9Lon 0.5x + Imi 1xOff-Label Treatment
10Lon 0.5x + Brodal 1xOff-Label Treatment
Lontrel Herbicide Treatments