James Murray
Senior Managing Research

North Central 2022


Background The adoption of pulses has been generally low in this region with a dominant Canola and Wheat the dominate crops. The region has acidic soils, however faba beans can be successfully grown where there is a strong liming program and these situations the farming system […]
Background In the region, responses to fungicides are rare however growers continue to apply them at regular intervals. This trial will investigate how growers can sustainable use new fungicide chemistry to avoid fungicide resistance. This trial builds on 2021 where we achieved 7t/ha with minimal fungicide […]
Background In high yielding environments Faba beans grow too tall and this may limit there harvest index. This trial will investigate novel treatments that look at Canopy management, such as Grazing, PGRs, and crop defoliants. Some of these are experimental and not currently registered and are […]