Seed size and quality is critical to the marketability of faba beans.
In faba beans, the ability to sow small seed, reducing seeding costs would assist grower profitability if it can be demonstrated there is no yield penalty in doing so. In 2021 is was demonstrated that smaller seed resulted in no grain yield loss and produced relatively smaller seed than other categories.
In 2022, we will follow the same pattern as in the lentil trial and grow out the seed lots for the 2021 trial and compare that to seed size categories graded from a 2021 seed lot.
This paddock was previously sown with wheat in 2021 and located in Warne with sandy clay loam.


To investigate the impact of seed size in faba beans on the growth, grain yield and seed quality.


20 plots were sown with PBA Bendoc on 3rd May, 2022 with a sow rate of 120kg.
Each plot has been replicated 4 times with the following seed sizes

7mm8mm9mm10mmcontrol bulk sample
PBA Bendoc Seed Size Groupings