SPA Victoria

A collaborative project between grain legume researchers and industry to deliver profitable solutions for grain legume growers across Victoria

  The Southern Pulse Agronomy project is working closely with industry to define and tackle key issues for growing lentils, Field Peas, chickpea, Faba bean, Vetch and lupins.
The challenges that pulse growers face differ in every region and our research partnerships have field trials in every growing region of the State – the Wimmera, Mallee, North Central, North East, South West and Western District.
With Practical research and tangible results we’re committed to sharing with growers, grower groups and consultants via on-farm, online and through this research hubs

Senior Research Agronomist – Pulses

Dr Jason Brand


Agriculture Victoria invests in research and development that delivers outcomes to support Victorian grain growers to be more profitable through producing high grain yields and a quality product desired by markets.

Agriculture Victoria continues to be a leader in pulse research, development and extension, partnering with industry to ensure we are world leading. This project is lead through the research team based at Grains Innovation Park in the heartland of pulse production in Victoria.

Grower Relations Manager – South

Courtney Ramsay


GRDC is responsible for planning, investing in and overseeing research, development and extension (RD&E) for grains and the major funder for this project.

We invest in RD&E projects to deliver new and improved varieties, farming practices, technologies and capability to the Australian grains industry. These investments drive the discovery, development and delivery of world-class innovation.

Research Agronomist / Director

Michael Moodie


Innovators in Mallee Farming. Working with you, to develop Mallee farming systems, to grow the Mallee’s future.

Our expertise live in Mallee farming. Our team is dedicated to helping farmers and organisations develop agriculture practices in the region – though innovation, trials, technology, partnerships and passion.

Research Manager

Ben Morris

Field Research Officer

Aaron Vague

Agricultural Trials Officer

Max Bloomfield

About US

The primary role of Field Applied Research (FAR) Australia is applying science innovation to profitable outcomes in the field, through excellence in applied field research and interpretation of research for use on farm.

FAR Australia staff carry out a wide range of field research projects partnering and collaborating with a number of higher science bodies including universities, state departments and CSIRO.

The organisation is integrally involved in extension and training of growers and advisors working with regional farming groups and the cropping levy body GRDC to provide cutting edge, field proven research outcomes for adoption by growers. In addition to a range of national and regional research projects, FAR Australia runs its own field research centres in collaboration with industry partners depending on location.