Dr Jason Brand
Senior Research Agronomist – Pulses

Agriculture Victoria continues to be a leader in pulse research, development and extension, partnering with industry to ensure we are world leading.

Southern Mallee 2022


Background Several new lentil varieties have been released or are due to be released with changes in agronomic traits such as plant architecture, biomass production, reproductive duration and timing, disease resistance, herbicide tolerance and pod retention. Changes in sowing date have the potential to maximise the […]
Background Reflex (Fomesafen) has recently been registered for use in various pulses. Despite showing excellent weed control, crop damage has been noted in lentils related to soil types, seeding systems and interactions with other herbicide products. This trial with focus on determining the relative risks when […]
Background A new lentil variety combining metribuzin tolerance with imidazolinone is available and could improve the control of fumitory in lentils which has become a problem weed in the Mallee where lentils are grown in tight rotations. Combining the tolerance trait with new metribuzin usage practices […]
Background Several new faba varieties have been released or are due to be released with changes in agronomic traits such as, flowering time and reproductive duration, disease resistance, herbicide tolerance. In addition, faba beans current only have limited uptake in drier mallee regions.Early sowing and with […]
Background Seed size is critical to the marketability of lentil. In PBA HallmarkXT, there was some mixed price signals due to variability in seed size and it not quite fitting into one of the 3 market classes (small, medium & large); this has has stabilised over […]
Background Seed size and quality is critical to the marketability of faba beans.In faba beans, the ability to sow small seed, reducing seeding costs would assist grower profitability if it can be demonstrated there is no yield penalty in doing so. In 2021 is was demonstrated […]