Background In more recent cropping seasons several high wind events around the harvest period of lentil across […]
Background Early sowing (mid-April) of faba beans increases grain yield potential as well as the risk of […]
Background In previous seasons disease incursion (ie. botrytis grey mould) in early sown vetch has been difficult […]
Background Reflex (Fomesafen) has recently been registered for use in various pulses. Despite showing excellent weed control, […]
Background Several new lentil varieties have been released or are due to be released with changes in […]
Background In high yielding environments Faba beans grow too tall and this may limit there harvest index. […]
Background In the region, responses to fungicides are rare however growers continue to apply them at regular […]
Background The adoption of pulses has been generally low in this region with a dominant Canola and […]
Background Local trials in the past two years have demonstrated that deep ripping sandy soils leads to […]
Background Variable soils are common throughout the mallee and those associated with the dune/swale topography. Growth of […]